Closet Freshener

Austin Adams
38 min readMar 18, 2024

Are you tired of walking into your closet and being greeted by a musty odor? It’s time to give your space a much-needed refresh with our top picks for the best closet fresheners. In this roundup, we’ll showcase the most effective and easy-to-use products on the market, so you can enjoy a clean and fresh closet all year round.

The Top 36 Best Closet Freshener

  1. Scented Closet Air Freshener Set for Drawers and Suitcases — Elevate your living space with SKPPC’s 75% fragrance retention, hanger-equipped 15-pack flower-scented closet air fresheners, offering a fresh scent for up to 2 months and perfect for gift-giving!
  2. Natural Odor Buster Air Freshener for Home (3 Pack) — Eliminate odors and maintain freshness with Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz Deodorizer, featuring natural baking soda and their unique Clean Burst scent, perfect for home and on-the-go use.
  3. Long Lasting Closet Air Fresheners with Lavender & Jasmine Scents — Owevvin’s 20-pack scented sachets are a long-lasting, multi-occasion choice for freshening up drawers and closets with an inviting aroma.
  4. Premium Cedar and Lavender Closet Air Fresheners — Experience the soothing scent of natural cedar and lavender with these premium sachets, designed to protect your clothes and refresh your closet with lasting fragrance.
  5. Scented Closet Air Fresheners with Long-Lasting Gardenia Fragrance — MYARO Gardenia Scented Sachets: Long-lasting, natural fragrance for your closet and more, with airtight protection to maintain freshness.
  6. Fresh Rosemary Closet Air Fresheners — 8 Pack — Experience the fresh, delightful aroma of dried rosemary flower buds with Joanssore’s long-lasting scented sachets, perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift.
  7. Effective Closet Air Freshener Gel with Activated Charcoal — The Airboss Closet Odor Neutralizing Gel eliminates tough odors from mold, mildew, tobacco, and perspiration, while providing a fragrance-free and long-lasting solution for up to 4 months.
  8. Chic Scented Sachets for Closets and Drawers — MYARO scented sachets bring a touch of elegance and long-lasting fragrance to your home with a range of scents like Rose, Jasmine, and Ocean, keeping your closets, car, and even shoes smelling fresh and inviting.
  9. Lavender Sachets for Drawers and Closets: Natural Air Freshener — Experience the soothing fragrance of high-quality natural French lavender in these eco-friendly, reusable sachet bags, perfect for deodorizing wardrobes, closets, cars, and more while promoting relaxation and sound sleep.
  10. Arm & Hammer Closet Air Fresheners for Long-Lasting Freshness — Experience long-lasting freshness with Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz, the perfect closet mate for eliminating odors naturally.
  11. Renuzit Snuggle Gel Air Fresheners: Inviting Linen Escape Fragrance for Small Spaces — Experience a crisp, clean scent and control the fragrance level with the Adjustable Renuzit Snuggle Air Freshener, perfect for small spaces like closets and bathrooms.
  12. Lavender Scented Sachets for Wardrobe and Closet — Experience a calming and fresh scent throughout your home with the versatile MYARO Lavender Scented Sachets, perfect for storing in cabinets, drawers, and even shoes!
  13. 3 Natural Cedar Aroma Sachets for Clothing Protection — CedarFresh Cedar Sachets — a versatile and eco-friendly solution for safe and natural protection against moths, mildew, pests, and odors, available in 3 soft cotton pouches.
  14. Natural Bamboo Closet Deodorizer for Odor and Moisture Absorption — Keep your clothes smelling fresh and free of odors with the Ever Bamboo Closet Deodorizer — an all-natural, chemical-free and biodegradable solution perfect for travel and home use.
  15. Eucalyptus-scented sachets for long-lasting freshness — Upgrade your home’s fragrance with the MYARO 12 Packs Eucalyptus Scented Sachets, featuring long-lasting scents and premium essential oils for a delightful smell throughout your space.
  16. Scented Closet and Drawer Sachets for Small Storage — Freshen small spaces with The Good Home Co Beach Days Closet Freshener, a pack of 6 sachets filled with scented plastic beads for a light, refreshing scent in drawers, gym bags, and storage boxes.
  17. FunkAway Beads: Long-lasting Closet Odor Eliminator — FunkAway Beads: The ultimate odor eliminator for all stinky smells, offering long-lasting freshness and easy placement for a funk-free living space.
  18. Jasmine Scented Sachets for Closet and Drawer — 12 Pack MR-01 — Revive your drawers and closet with the MYARO 12 Packs Jasmine Scented Sachets, a refreshing aromatic solution perfect for gifting the comforting scent of jasmine.
  19. Elegant White Lotus Scented Sachet for Long-Lasting Home Fragrance — Experience the delightful scent of White Lotus with long-lasting, eco-friendly, and versatile Cocorrína Scented Sachets, perfect for freshening your home or car while adding a touch of style to any space.
  20. Swiss-Made Scented Sachets for a Fresh Closet Experience — Experience long-lasting, high-quality Swiss aromatherapy with Bevoll’s scented sachets, designed to keep your closet, gym bag, or car smelling fresh and invigorating for months.
  21. Natural Lemon & Mint Scented Air Freshener Sachet — A natural and renewable air freshener for your closet and other small spaces, Everspring’s Lemon & Mint Scented Sachet provides an uplifting, clean, and fresh scent without harsh chemicals.
  22. Freshen Up Small Spaces with Febreze Closet Freshener (Phthalate-Free, Non-Powered) — Longer-lasting Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener with a romantic scent, phthalate-free, and dye-free for 45 days of freshness, perfect for small spaces.
  23. Eco-Friendly Cedar Fragrance Blocks for Closet and Storage Freshening — Bring the freshness of nature into your home with Cedar Green C313 Aromatic Cedar Scent Blocks, an eco-friendly and versatile solution to eliminate mildew and insects while protecting fine fabrics and boosting the overall smell of your closet.
  24. Lily Scented Sachets — Closet Fresheners for a Calming Aroma Experience — Transform your home into a sanctuary with the soothing scent of these aromatic closet fresheners, perfect for any space and an ideal gift for loved ones.
  25. Lavender and Jasmine Scented Closet Fresheners for Long-Lasting Fragrance — Experience long-lasting, natural fragrance with MYARO’s 12-pack Lemongrass scented sachets, perfect for freshening your closet, car, and other spaces while creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.
  26. Natural Closet Freshener: Cedar Sachet Set for a Fresh Scent — Experience the refreshing, natural scent of American Red Cedar wood with Whitmor’s eco-friendly aromatic cedar sachets, perfect for wardrobes, storage areas, and all around odor control.
  27. Freshen Your Space with Ocean Breeze Sachets — Experience a refreshing coastal escape with Gayo’s long-lasting Ocean Breeze Scented Sachets, perfect for small spaces and closet freshening.
  28. Fresh Fragrance Fabric Freshener Spray for Linen and Shoes — Experience the essence of freshness with our natural and non-toxic Fabric Freshener spray for your car interiors, shoe closets, and wardrobe, keeping your clothes and air fragrant!
  29. Fragrance-Free Closet Odor Eliminator: Neutralizes Pets, Paints, Cooking Odors with Activated Charcoal — Discover a world free from odors with the airBOSS Closet Odor Eliminator; its unique formula featuring activated charcoal traps and eliminates odors effortlessly.
  30. Up&Up Solid Odor Neutralizer: Fresh Linen Closet Freshener — Say goodbye to stale smells with Up & Up’s Fresh Linen Solid Odor Neutralizer — a convenient, long-lasting solution ideal for various spaces without sprays or batteries.
  31. Natural Paper Fragrance for Closets and Living Spaces — Laundrin Paper Fragrance — №7: Ocean Green Mix, the ultimate closet freshener for a natural and soothing scent throughout your space.
  32. Lily of the Valley Closet Freshener with Concentrated Essential Oil 3-Pack — Experience the long-lasting freshness of FreshScents Lily of the Valley Sachet 3-Pack, an eco-friendly and versatile fragrance solution for various spaces, made in the USA with concentrated essential oil.
  33. Natural Fragrance Pack for Closet and Linen Freshness — Elevate your home with the Set of 6 Pack Aromatic Sachets, offering a fresh scent and protection for your clothes storage with natural fragrances and odor-absorbing properties.
  34. Moisture Absorber Freesia Fragrance for Closets and Cabinets — Kokubo’s Powerful Moisture Absorber Freesia Fragrance is the perfect solution for freshening up and dehumidifying your closet, wardrobe, or shoe cupboard, and with its refillable container, it’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.
  35. Clorox Pumpkin Spice Fraganzia Air Freshener Beads for Home and Car — Freshen up your home or car with Clorox Fraganzia Pumpkin Spice Air Fresh Beads, providing a long-lasting, cozy scent and tackling subtle stenches with ease.
  36. Mainstays Charcoal Closet Odor Eliminator (6-Pack, Fragrance-Free) — Eliminate odors and enjoy a fresh aroma with Mainstays Charcoal Odor Eliminator, providing quick and continuous relief without any fragrance.

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🔗Scented Closet Air Freshener Set for Drawers and Suitcases


These SKPPC Closet Air Fresheners are a delightful addition to my daily life. Their flower scent creates a delightful atmosphere in my wardrobe. However, they can sometimes lose their aroma if left open for longer periods, so it’s essential to keep them sealed to maintain the fragrance.

I particularly appreciated their long-lasting effect and their versatility. I’ve placed them in various drawers, my suitcase, and even some handbags, enveloping my life with a sweet scent. These sachets make great gifts for loved ones, bringing smiles to their faces during special occasions.

They can, however, fade slightly if exposed to direct sunlight. Despite this small issue, I’ve had an overall positive experience with these air fresheners.

🔗Natural Odor Buster Air Freshener for Home (3 Pack)


I recently had the chance to try out Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz, a deodorizer with a clean burst scent. In my experience, the product was an excellent addition to my home, providing a fresh and pleasant smell that lingered for several weeks. I used these Arm & Hammer sachets in various small spaces, such as hampers, closets, and even my gym bag.

One feature I particularly liked was the perforated ball design, which allowed for maximum odor elimination in tight spaces. The combination of natural baking soda and Arm & Hammer’s unique scent made it easy to manage smelly odors and maintain freshness in my home.

However, I did notice that the scent was somewhat strong, which might not be ideal for everyone, especially for those who prefer a more subtle air freshener. Additionally, I recommend using these deodorizers in well-ventilated areas, as the strong scent could become overpowering in enclosed spaces.

In summary, Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz were a great investment to help combat undesirable odors in my home. The unique scent and perforated ball design made it an effective choice for various small spaces, but the strong fragrance might not be for everyone. Nonetheless, I would definitely consider purchasing more of these handy deodorizers for my home and on-the-go needs.

🔗Long Lasting Closet Air Fresheners with Lavender & Jasmine Scents


I had the pleasure of using the Owevvin 20 Packs Air Freshner Deodorizer Scented Sachets Bags for a couple of months now and let me tell you, these little guys have proven to be quite the charmer. As a busy office worker, I’m no stranger to the pungent aromas that can linger in the air, so when I first opened the package, the fresh scent hit me like a breath of fresh air.

One of the things that stood out, aside from the delightful aroma, was the hangar attached to each sachet. It makes it super easy to hook on a drawer or closet handle, no need to worry about tape or adhesive ruining your belongings. The scent packets are versatile enough to be used in multiple locations without losing their potency.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the packaging could be more user-friendly — it would be great if there was a smaller window to peek at the color and scent combinations through. But, hey, that’s just a minor issue. Secondly, the hanger can be a bit flimsy, but with a slight adjustment, it’s been working just fine for me.

To sum it up, these scented sachet bags are an exceptional choice for freshening up any enclosed space. The long-lasting scent and convenient hangar design make them an easy addition to any drawer or closet. And for my co-workers who always appreciate a good-smelling workplace, they’re a perfect gift for special occasions.

🔗Premium Cedar and Lavender Closet Air Fresheners


I recently tried out the Cedar and Lavender sachets from Professor Killamoth, and I must say, it was a breath of fresh air — literally and figuratively! When I first opened the package, I was greeted by the gentle scent of cedar and lavender, which immediately reminded me of nature’s calming embrace. The sachets were neatly packaged, making storage a breeze.

The first thing I did was hang them on the hangers in my closet. I love how the scent filled up my entire wardrobe, leaving not even the tiniest corner untouched. Plus, they’re so convenient to use — just set them on shelves and in drawers, and you’re good to go. I found that it’s better to have more sachets, as the fragrance tends to fade faster when there’s less product.

But what made these sachets stand out for me was their natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Cedar chips and dried lavender flowers are completely chemical-free — a win-win for both my wardrobe and the environment. It’s always a plus to know what you’re putting into your lungs isn’t going to give you a headache later!

While the sachets did their job in freshening up the smell in my closet, I couldn’t help but notice that the lavender scent was a bit overpowering. It might be an acquired taste for some people depending on their preferences.

In conclusion, the Cedar and Lavender sachets from Professor Killamoth have become an integral part of my daily routine. They’re easy to use, smell fantastic, and are made from natural ingredients, making them a perfect addition to any closet or dresser. The only downside is the powerful lavender scent, but overall, it’s a small price to pay for the freshness and cleanliness it brings.

🔗Scented Closet Air Fresheners with Long-Lasting Gardenia Fragrance


As a lover of fresh scents, I was excited to try MYARO’s 12 Pack Gardenia Scented Sachets for Drawer and Closet. I’m a fan of natural fragrances, so the fact that each sachet is absorbed with natural perfume was appealing to me. I was eager to see how well they’d work as air fresheners in rooms, bags, and other spaces.

Opening the first sachet, I was immediately greeted by the delightful scent of Gardenia. The package said each sachet comes sealed in its own poly-bag to retain its fragrance, which was true. I was impressed with the packaging, as it ensured the scent remained strong. I placed them in various spaces, like drawers and bags, and the smell lingered for hours.

I also appreciated the variety of scents MYARO offers, from Gardenia to Caramel. I found the scents to be mild, not too overpowering, and perfect for small spaces. However, I noticed that they didn’t last as long as I hoped, especially in less confined spaces like my car. Still, they remained appealing in enclosed places like closets and drawers.

Overall, I’m glad I tried MYARO’s scented sachets. They made my spaces smell pleasant and fresh, and each scent was unique, adding variety to my collection. My only concern would be the lastingness of the scents, especially in larger or less confined spaces. But for those seeking a subtle, natural fragrance for their enclosed spaces, these sachets might be the perfect choice.

🔗Fresh Rosemary Closet Air Fresheners — 8 Pack


I recently tried out the Joanssore 8 Packs Rosemary Sachets for Drawers and Closets, and I must say, I was quite impressed with the overall experience. These sachets come with dried rosemary flower buds that offer a delightful aroma with their fresh scent. I found them to be the perfect gift for someone who loves fresh smells in their home. The sachets have a lovely color that adds to their charm, making them a great addition to any room.

The best part about these sachets is that they are easy to use. You can simply squeeze the sachets to release the aroma, or you can crush/crumble the petals and grind/bruise the rosemary flower buds to get an even stronger fragrance. After a few weeks, depending on the environment, you can take them out and give them a little sun-bathing in a dried environment to refresh the rosemary aroma.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the Joanssore 8 Packs Rosemary Sachets for Drawers and Closets. They are a great choice for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for someone who loves fresh scents in their home. It’s wonderful to have a product that can make such a positive impact on your living spaces.

🔗Effective Closet Air Freshener Gel with Activated Charcoal


I recently had the chance to try Airboss Closet Odor Neutralizing Gel, and it certainly lived up to its claims. Its value size of 17 oz gel is quite impressive since it can last up to four months.

I’ve also noticed that it works wonderfully against strong odors from common sources like mold, mildew, tobacco, perspiration, and even my kid’s dirty shoes. Now, I’m not saying it’s perfect, as I sometimes wish it was available in a shape more suitable for small closet spaces.

But overall, I’m quite satisfied with its results.

🔗Chic Scented Sachets for Closets and Drawers


I recently tried the MYARO scented sachets and was instantly captivated by their aromatic allure. The French essential oil used in these sachets truly makes a difference in my home. I placed one in my shoe box, and the sweet scent quickly dissipated the musky smell that often lingered in my sneakers. Another time, I decided to hang one of the sachets on my clothes, and guess what? My romantic partner couldn’t resist giving it a sniff and couldn’t help but compliment the lovely fragrance.

MYARO scented sachets provided me with a delightful way to freshen up gifts as well. The surprise factor was undeniable and added a thoughtful touch to the present-giving experience. As one who often travels, I appreciate the convenience these sachets offer for keeping my suitcase odor-free. It’s a real lifesaver.

When it comes to creating an ambiance, I have found the Lavender Sachet to be particularly effective. Its soothing scent helps me unwind after a long day and enjoy a peaceful sleep. On the other hand, the Jasmine Sachet adds a touch of elegance and romance, turning any space into a haven of sweet scent. The Ocean Sachet, with its summer sea water fragrance, is perfect for those warm summer days when I need a refreshing pick-me-up.

In conclusion, MYARO scented sachets, with their range of fragrantly delightful options, make for a wonderful addition to any home. They’re not just for freshening up spaces, but they also work wonders in creating memorable moments, whether you’re enjoying the sweet fragrance on your clothes or gifting them to a loved one.

🔗Lavender Sachets for Drawers and Closets: Natural Air Freshener


I recently tried the 8 packs Lavender Sachets for Drawers and Closets, and they’ve become an essential part of my daily routine. I’ve been using them in my closet, and the subtle, soothing aroma of lavender helps create a calming atmosphere. The sachets are all-natural and eco-friendly, which I appreciate since they’re safe for my family and the environment.

While they effectively cover unpleasant odors, they can be a bit overpowering when placed too close to the source. Overall, I’m impressed with these Lavender Sachets — they’re perfect for freshening up my closet, and I’ve found that they even help promote better sleep.

🔗Arm & Hammer Closet Air Fresheners for Long-Lasting Freshness


I recently tried out the Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz, Closet Mate, Clean Burst Fresh Scent. This little freshener worked wonders in my small laundry room, keeping the stink at bay for days on end. I particularly loved the fact that it rotates 360 degrees — a feature that comes in especially handy when you’re trying to reach those hard-to-reach spots.

However, I found that it wasn’t as effective in larger open spaces as opposed to enclosed rooms. It might not provide the same lasting freshness for larger areas as advertised. But overall, the Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz does a fantastic job of keeping my smaller spaces smelling fresh and clean. The added freshness of baking soda certainly doesn’t hurt. Oh, and remember, it’s not a toy for kids and should only be used by adults. So, keep it out of their reach!

🔗Renuzit Snuggle Gel Air Fresheners: Inviting Linen Escape Fragrance for Small Spaces


The Renuzit Snuggle Linen Escape Gel air freshener quickly became my go-to for keeping small spaces smelling fresh and inviting. It was so easy to use, simply pull to adjust the level of fragrance, with no electricity needed. The clean, fresh scent was perfect for bathrooms, closets, and kitchen spaces.

One of my favorite aspects of this air freshener was the subtle yet pleasant aroma. It wasn’t overpowering but still enough to fill my small rooms with a delightful scent. The Renuzit Snuggle Gel Air Freshener was perfect for continuous freshness without being too overwhelming.

However, the fragrance itself could be a bit stronger, especially for larger spaces. It performed well in smaller rooms but might not be sufficient for a bigger area. Additionally, at first, I found it a bit tricky to figure out how exactly to use it, but once I got the hang of it, it was a breeze.

Overall, I highly recommend the Renuzit Snuggle Linen Escape Gel Air Freshener for anyone looking for a practical, easy-to-use, and subtly-scented way to freshen up small spaces in their home.

🔗Lavender Scented Sachets for Wardrobe and Closet


I recently tried the MYARO 12 Packs Lavender Scented Sachets for Drawer and Closet, and let me tell you, they’re a game-changer for keeping your closet and wardrobe smelling fresh. I love the soothing lavender scent, which I found perfect for adding a calming touch to my sleep routine. Just slide one of these sachets into my pillow at night, and I’m good to go!

These sachets are incredibly versatile — you can use them to freshen up any kind of storage, from shoe boxes to suitcases. They even work wonders on stinky shoes! And if you’re storing your sachets in a place like a sock drawer or glove compartment, you’ll be pleased to learn that they don’t take up much space at all.

The MYARO sachets are also great for adding a little fragrance to larger areas, like a coat closet or storage bins. They’re perfect for creating a welcoming scent in any part of your home. In fact, a few sachets tucked away in my garage and basement not only make those spaces smell fresh but also add a beautiful hint of fragrance.

Now, the pros and cons of the MYARO 12 Packs Lavender Scented Sachets for Drawer and Closet are pretty straightforward. The scent is refreshing and long-lasting, keeping my clothes, shoes, and storage areas smelling fantastic for about three or four months. However, I did notice that the fragrance faded quickly after the initial 3 days, which is a bit disappointing. All in all, though, the pros of these sachets definitely outweigh the cons, and I’d highly recommend giving them a try.

🔗3 Natural Cedar Aroma Sachets for Clothing Protection


I’ve been using CedarFresh Cedar Sachets for a while now, and let me tell you, they’ve been a game changer in my life! Not only do they smell amazing, but they also keep my clothes smelling fresh and new.

The first thing that stood out to me is how versatile these sachets are. I can place them in my drawers, boxes, and even hang them in my closet to protect my clothes while they’re in storage. Plus, they’re made from renewable resources, which is a huge plus for me as someone who’s conscious about the environment.

Despite being made from natural materials, these sachets are super safe to use with all fabrics. I love that I can use them with my delicate clothes without worrying about them getting snagged.

However, there’s one downside that I’ve noticed. The sachets need to be gently shaken to refresh them, and it can be a bit of a hassle if you have a lot of them. But, overall, I’m really happy with my CedarFresh Cedar Sachets, and I highly recommend them!

🔗Natural Bamboo Closet Deodorizer for Odor and Moisture Absorption


I recently tried the Ever Bamboo Deodorizer and Dehumidifier in my own closet, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how effective it is in freshening up the space. The bamboo charcoal in this deodorizer is a natural and sustainable material that has proven to be an effective way to eliminate odors and moisture while keeping my clothes smelling fresh.

One of the highlights of this deodorizer is its versatility, as it works well for various types of footwear and household items, and it can easily be recharged and reused, making it an environmentally friendly choice. However, I did notice that it requires a bit of patience to see results, as it may take a few days for the deodorizer to completely eliminate the odors in the closet. Despite this minor drawback, I am still pleased with the product’s performance in keeping my clothes and footwear fresh and odor-free.

🔗Eucalyptus-scented sachets for long-lasting freshness


I recently tried the MYARO 12 pack Eucalyptus scented sachets, and I must say, they make a huge difference in freshening up my space. The fragrance is so powerful that I could smell the scent long after opening the packet. The best part is that it lasts for a long time, even more than I expected.

However, I did notice that the packets tend to stick to surfaces, which can be a bit messy to deal with. It would be great if the packages were designed in a way that it’s easier to remove once the sachets have served their purpose. Overall, the MYARO scented sachets are a perfect addition to any room and are worth the investment for their long-lasting freshness.

🔗Scented Closet and Drawer Sachets for Small Storage


The Beach Days Closet Freshener by The Good Home Co is a fantastic addition to any room, providing a light and fresh scent throughout the day. With its compact design, it easily fits into small storage spaces and gym bags.

Made from scented plastic beads, the organza sachets release a delightful aroma that lasts for a long time. However, they can be a bit overpowering for some, which might be a minor downside.

All in all, The Beach Days Closet Freshener is a great choice for anyone looking to add a refreshing touch to their daily routine.

🔗FunkAway Beads: Long-lasting Closet Odor Eliminator


FunkAway beads are a game changer when it comes to eliminating odors. I’ve been using them in my home and was pleasantly surprised by how well they work. The unique on complex in these beads is the key to their success — it’s designed to work where other products fail.

One of the best things about these beads is their long-lasting effect. I placed a jar in my bathroom and it worked hard to keep the space smelling clean for up to 90 days. This means that I can simply set and forget, making it perfect for busy lives.

However, it’s important to note that the beads can melt at 125 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s best to keep them in cooler areas. They can also fade if left in direct sunlight. So, just make sure they’re placed where they’ll be safe and out of direct sun.

The beads themselves are super easy to use. You just twist off the lid, remove the protective seal, and replace the lid on the jar. Then, place the jar in your locker, closet, basement, bathroom, or anywhere else funky odors are a problem.

But remember, these beads are not meant to be knocked over or handled roughly. They’re pretty fragile and can spill if you’re not careful.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality odor eliminator that works well and lasts for a long time, the FunkAway beads are definitely worth a try. Just be sure to store them properly and handle them with care.

🔗Jasmine Scented Sachets for Closet and Drawer — 12 Pack MR-01


I recently tried the 12 pack of Jasmine scented sachets from MYARO to freshen up the smell in my house. I’ve started keeping them in my drawers, car, suitcases, and even in the fridge. The fragrance is just right and it makes a real difference in the overall atmosphere. While some people have mentioned that they don’t last as long as they expect, I’ve found that it really depends on the location you store them. If you keep them in a closed place like a drawer or a box, they tend to last much longer.

One thing that makes these sachets so unique is their ability to absorb moisture and keep your storage areas fresh. They also double up as insect repellents, which is a really helpful feature for me. The packaging is eco-friendly and safe, making it perfect for gift-giving too. But be careful while unpacking these cute little sachets because the fragrance can be a bit strong initially and might stain certain surfaces if it comes into contact with them.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Jasmine scented sachets for a refreshing and pleasant smell in your storage areas or for a unique and thoughtful gift.

🔗Elegant White Lotus Scented Sachet for Long-Lasting Home Fragrance


I recently tried out the Cocorrína Scented Sachet with a lovely White Lotus scent, and let me tell you, it was an experience! . I popped one of these little bags in my car and instantly noticed the refreshing aroma filling the space.

What I loved most about it was the slow release of the fragrance — it lingered for days, keeping my car smelling fresh and inviting. Plus, with their eco-friendly approach and stylish designs, I found myself appreciating these sachets more and more.

🔗Swiss-Made Scented Sachets for a Fresh Closet Experience


Bevoll’s scented sachets are a game-changer for anyone who craves fresh, lasting fragrance in their daily life. I’ve used these sachets in various places like my wardrobe, car, and gym bag, and they’ve made a noticeable difference in keeping the scents fresh for months on end. The attached hanger makes them easy to use and access, while the Swiss-made ingredients ensure top-quality scents that last.

However, I found that the bigger size might not be the most compact for some spaces, and the sachets could sometimes fall off if not tied securely. Overall, Bevoll’s scented sachets exceeded my expectations and are a must-have for anyone looking to keep their spaces smelling fresh and inviting.

🔗Natural Lemon & Mint Scented Air Freshener Sachet


I recently stumbled upon the Everspring Lemon & Mint Scented Sachet and decided to give it a try as a way to freshen up my living space without relying on synthetically created fragrances. The small envelope held a corn cob-based air freshener filled with a blend of lemon and mint essential oils. Initially, I was apprehensive about the product’s effectiveness, but I was pleasantly surprised by its performance.

After cracking open the package and placing the sachet in my car, I was immediately greeted by a pleasant, refreshing scent that made me feel as if I had just walked into a lemon and mint grocery store. As days passed, the scent lingered, making my daily commute feel far more fresh and invigorating. In time, I began to use the sachet in other areas of my life, including my closet, gym bag, and laundry storage, and it consistently met my expectations, filling each space with a delightful, aromatic presence.

One aspect of the sachet that I particularly appreciated was its resealable envelope, which protected the surface of my belongings from any accidental spillage or damage. Additionally, the fact that it was made from renewable corn cob shavings made me happy that I was using a sustainable product. However, there were times when I noticed that the scent began to fade more rapidly than expected, but it was still strong enough to carry a pleasant fragrance for an extended period.

While the Everspring Lemon & Mint Scented Sachet occasionally required a gentle shake to reinvigorate its scent, I found it to be a reliable and natural air freshening solution. Its affordable price point made it easy to purchase and use in multiple places, without worrying about overspending. Overall, I would recommend the Everspring Scented Sachet to anyone seeking a pleasantly scented, natural product that offers a refreshing boost of energy.

🔗Freshen Up Small Spaces with Febreze Closet Freshener (Phthalate-Free, Non-Powered)


I recently had the pleasure of trying Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener in the Romance & Desire scent. It was a perfect fit for my small bathroom, providing continuous freshness for up to 45 days without overpowering the space. The compact design made it easy to place and conveniently refill as needed.

The enchanting aroma of pink rose petals combined with the subtle hint of champagne created a delightful ambiance in my space. The long-lasting scent effectively eliminated odors and left a refreshing atmosphere that I truly appreciated.

One of the highlights of the product was its phthalate-free and dye-free formulation, making it a healthier choice for my home. However, the downside was that the scent was slightly too subtle for my preference, I personally enjoy air fresheners with a more potent fragrance.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener for anyone in search of a convenient and long-lasting solution for small spaces. Its elegant scent and phthalate-free formula make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a subtle fragrance without the risk of harsh chemicals.

🔗Eco-Friendly Cedar Fragrance Blocks for Closet and Storage Freshening


These aromatic cedar scent blocks are a natural, eco-friendly way to bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home. Made from exquisite natural cedar wood, they have a pleasing, healthy, and clean fragrance that’s perfect for repelling insects and eliminating odors and mildew. The blocks are thin, making them perfect for tucking into dresser drawers, storage containers, or luggage to protect fine fabrics from harmful moths.

Plus, they’re sustainable and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using them in your daily life.

🔗Lily Scented Sachets — Closet Fresheners for a Calming Aroma Experience


As a product reviewer, I recently tried the Lily Scented Sachets and was pleasantly surprised by their ability to freshen up any room in my home. The sachets are perfect for filling closets, drawers, or even cars with a calming fragrance that lasts for hours. I appreciate how the sachets come in a beautiful gift box package, making them an ideal present for friends and family on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.

The sachets’ unique design not only freshens up the air but also brings happiness to people by providing a wonderful, sweet fragrance that rejuvenates and surprises them. Overall, the Lily Scented Sachets have become a staple in my home as they help create a truly tranquil atmosphere.

🔗Lavender and Jasmine Scented Closet Fresheners for Long-Lasting Fragrance


The MYARO Lemongrass scented sachets have been a staple in my daily life lately, freshening up more than just my closet. I’ve found myself reaching for these little sachets in a variety of situations where bad smells lurk — in my sneakers, gym bag, pillow, and even car.

The lemongrass scent is an invigorating and uplifting smell that effectively neutralizes any unpleasant odors. What’s even better is that the scent lasts for a long time, keeping the freshness going even after several weeks.

These sachets are made with top-quality essential oils crafted by professional perfumers, ensuring a safe and secure experience. I’ve even used them as gifts, and the recipients always appreciate the unique and elegant touch they bring.

All in all, these MYARO scented sachets are a game-changer for maintaining a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in various aspects of my life.

🔗Natural Closet Freshener: Cedar Sachet Set for a Fresh Scent


Recently, I incorporated the Whitmor Cedar Sachet Wood into my wardrobe and was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. After placing the 4-pack of sachets inside my closet and drawers, I immediately noticed a delightful cedar scent that swept through the room. The eco-friendly American redwood cedar inside the open weave cloth bag seemed to be effortlessly releasing its heavenly fragrance throughout the space.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that the cedar is naturally effective in repelling musky odors without the use of any harmful chemicals. I admired the simplicity of hanging the sachets on hangers, placing them in drawers, or laying them on shoe cabinets and storage bags. The dimensions of each sachet were convenient, measuring 1.97 L x 1.97 W x 3.55 H inches, allowing for versatility in storage placement.

The cedar scent has kept my clothes and other items smelling fresh and free of insects, making my wardrobe and storage areas a delightful and safe place to store seasonal clothing. The cotton-made, renewable cedar wood sourced from American forests further heightened my respect for this environmentally friendly option.

However, one drawback I encountered was the variable strength of the cedar scent in some sachets. While most of them carried the pleasant aroma, a few seemed to lack the intense cedar fragrance advertised. Additionally, I found that the scent intensity was significantly reduced when stored away for extended periods, which required reapplication to maintain the desired freshness.

Overall, despite the slightly inconsistent potency of the cedar scent and its short-lived nature, I wholeheartedly appreciate the Whitmor Cedar Sachet Wood for its multifunctional use, eco-friendly production, and ability to keep my wardrobe smelling fresh and inviting.

🔗Freshen Your Space with Ocean Breeze Sachets


There’s something truly charming about these Gayo Ocean Home Sachets, especially for anyone who enjoys a hint of beachy freshness. Incorporating these into my home has been like welcoming the ocean into my living space. The scent is light and natural, just enough to remind me of a relaxing day by the sea.

One feature that I absolutely adore is their compact size. They’re perfect for smaller spaces like closets, but also work beautifully for larger areas. They have a surprisingly long-lasting fragrance too, so you don’t have to replace them as often as you would with other products.

However, there is one downside. While the scent is lovely, it does tend to fade quite quickly once opened, which means you need to seal them tightly to preserve the aroma. But overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. These sachets have made my home feel more inviting and fresh.

🔗Fresh Fragrance Fabric Freshener Spray for Linen and Shoes


Hey there! So I’ve been using this fabric freshener spray for a while now and I have to say, I’ve been really impressed. I know how annoying it can be when certain odors linger in your closet, right? But with this spray, I’ve noticed that the natural scent fills the air and leaves my wardrobe feeling fresh and clean all the time.

One of the best things about this spray is that it’s made from non-toxic and allergen-free ingredients. Plus, it’s anti-bacterial, which helps keep my clothes free from those unwanted allergens. I just spray it around my shoe closet and wardrobe, and the fragrance lingers for hours, giving my clothes that exquisite freshy-dresh feel.

But, hey, no product is perfect. One thing I noticed is that the spray can leave a bit of residue on my clothes if I’m not careful. But, all in all, I’d definitely recommend this product. It’s American-made, which I love, and the customer service is top-notch. So, if you’re looking for a closet freshener that packs a punch, give this one a try!

🔗Fragrance-Free Closet Odor Eliminator: Neutralizes Pets, Paints, Cooking Odors with Activated Charcoal


Imagine walking into your garage and being greeted by a pleasant, fresh scent. That’s the kind of experience you can have with the AirBoss Closet Odor Eliminator. This handy little device is filled with activated charcoal, a natural deodorizer that effectively traps and eliminates odors from the air. It’s perfect for neutralizing unpleasant smells caused by pets, paint, cooking, and more.

One of the things I really appreciate about the AirBoss is its versatility. You can use it in all sorts of spaces, from the basement to the fridge. And, because it’s fragrance-free, it’s safe to use around people and pets. The activated charcoal formula works to neutralize odors at the source, leaving your closets, garages, and other spaces smelling clean and fresh.

While I can’t deny that the AirBoss Odor Eliminator does an outstanding job, it’s not without its drawbacks. For one, it’s quite small. I ended up using two of them in my hallway linen closets to ensure complete coverage. Additionally, they need to be replaced when the activated charcoal shrinks, which seemed like a short lifespan to me.

Overall, the AirBoss Closet Odor Eliminator is a reliable and effective tool for freshening up the air in your home. Just be aware that you might need to use a few to cover larger areas, and replacement charcoal may be needed more often than you’d like.

🔗Up&Up Solid Odor Neutralizer: Fresh Linen Closet Freshener


Experience the freshness of your surroundings with Up&Up’s Fresh Linen Solid Odor Neutralizer. As someone who has tried it, I can attest that this product is perfect for eliminating odors in various areas of your home. The subtle, yet distinct linen scent is a delight for the senses, and it doesn’t overpower you like some artificial air fresheners can.

One of the features that stood out to me is the jar’s design. The vented lid allows the gel to breathe, so you always know when it’s time to repurchase. Simply unscrew the lid, remove the freshness seal, and replace the decorative lid to activate. The gel shrinks and hardens in the jar, providing a clear visual indicator of its effectiveness.

While some users may find the scent too subtle for their taste, I believe it’s this balanced scent that makes the Up&Up Fresh Linen Solid Odor Neutralizer a superior choice. It eliminates odors without adding an overpowering fragrance to the air, perfect for those who want to keep their homes smelling clean and fresh without relying on constant spraying.

🔗Natural Paper Fragrance for Closets and Living Spaces


After months of using Laundrin Paper Fragrance — №7, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer. This paper fragrance can be placed anywhere and fills the room with a light, yet noticeable aroma. It’s perfect for freshening up any space, be it your living room, closet, bathroom, or car.

One of the most appealing aspects is the scent itself — Ocean Green Mix. It’s a delightful mix, offering a faintly sweet scent that gently lingers in the air. Each package comes with a single sheet, which I found more than enough to keep my interiors feeling fresh and inviting.

However, the scent didn’t quite last as long as I hoped. Within a week, I found that the fragrance wasn’t as strong, so I had to replace the sheet more frequently than expected. But overall, Laundrin Paper Fragrance — №7 is a fantastic option for anyone looking to fill their spaces with a soothing and natural aroma. Plus, the price is incredibly reasonable, making it a great buy for anyone on a budget.

🔗Lily of the Valley Closet Freshener with Concentrated Essential Oil 3-Pack


FreshScents’ Lily of the Valley sachet has been a game-changer for me. The fragrance itself is so pleasant and invigorating that it feels like a breath of fresh air as soon as I open my closet. The packaging is simple yet effective, and it’s great to see that the product is made in the USA.

However, the sachets used to have individual plastic wrappers that kept the scent fresh for a longer period, and I miss that feature. Overall, I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a delicate, long-lasting scent in their daily life.

🔗Natural Fragrance Pack for Closet and Linen Freshness


I recently started using these aromatic sachets to freshen up my wardrobe, and I must say, the experience has been delightful. The natural fragrances infused in these sachets keep my clothes smelling fresh, thanks to the natural ingredients that help absorb dampness and odors, preventing bacteria from forming in my closet.

The subtle scent of nature’s aroma uplifts my senses and adds a nice touch to my home decor. Not only are these sachets easy to use and store, but they’re also versatile enough to be hung in my car, closets, organizers, and storage boxes, ensuring that my favorite linens and clothing stay protected. Each pack comes with six exquisite fragrances, and they weigh just 12.5gms each.

However, the only thing that could be improved is the overall weight of the pack, as it could be a bit lighter for easier storage and handling. Overall, these aromatic sachets are a great addition to my home and wardrobe, and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to keep their closet and belongings smelling fresh and clean.

🔗Moisture Absorber Freesia Fragrance for Closets and Cabinets


Ever walked into your closet and felt the dampness in the air? Well, the Kokubo Powerful Moisture Absorber Freesia Fragrance has got you covered. This fantastic product is perfect for freshening up your wardrobe or dehumidifying your shoe cupboard.

It’s so easy to use; just place it strategically in your favorite storage area, and it’ll absorb all the wetness, leaving you with a fresh, pleasant scent. Plus, the refillable design means you can use it time and time again, saving you money and reducing waste!

I’ve used this product in my own home, and I must say, the Freesia fragrance is a delightful touch. But there’s one thing I noticed: sometimes, it takes a bit longer to fully dehumidify the area than I expected. However, considering the benefits it brings, it’s a small price to pay.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a closet freshener that can also absorb moisture and has a pleasant aroma, look no further than the Kokubo Powerful Moisture Absorber Freesia Fragrance. Sure, it might take a bit of patience sometimes, but its pros far outweigh the cons, making it a worthy addition to any home.

🔗Clorox Pumpkin Spice Fraganzia Air Freshener Beads for Home and Car


I recently tried the Clorox Fraganzia Pumpkin Spice air freshener beads, and I must say, they’ve been a game-changer in my home. The scent is so comforting and familiar, making it the perfect addition to any room.

However, I did notice that the beads can be a bit tricky to use — sometimes they get stuck, and I end up making a mess. Overall, I’d recommend this product for a quick scent fix, but make sure to be gentle with the beads! .

🔗Mainstays Charcoal Closet Odor Eliminator (6-Pack, Fragrance-Free)


I recently tried Mainstays Charcoal Closet Odor Eliminator for the first time, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. As someone who’s always on the lookout for products that can effectively eliminate odors without adding any fake scents, this odor eliminator stood out.

One of the features that caught my attention right away was its quick-working formula. I placed one canister in my closet, and the odor was neutralized within the first 24 hours. I could breathe easier in my closet knowing that the smell was gone!

I also appreciated that there was no noticeable scent because I’m sensitive to strong fragrances. The product truly works by removing the bad smell without adding any extra scent, making it suitable for people like me with hypersensitive noses.

However, I noticed that the canisters do seem to shrink over time. I guess it’s because the gel absorbs the odors and eventually loses its shape, but it can be a bit concerning if you rely on these products to last long.

In conclusion, Mainstays Charcoal Closet Odor Eliminator has become my go-to product for dealing with unpleasant odors. It effectively absorbs and neutralizes smells without adding any extra fragrances. Just be prepared for the gradual shrinking of the gel as it continues to work.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide section for Closet Fresheners! This section is designed to help you understand the important features, considerations, and general advice about this product category. We hope this information will assist you in making an informed decision when choosing a closet freshener that meets your needs.


What is a Closet Freshener?

A Closet Freshener is a product specifically designed to eliminate odors and maintain a fresh scent in closets, cabinets, and other enclosed spaces. These fresheners come in various forms, such as sprays, gel, or sachets, and can be used to combat musty smells, pet odors, and other undesirable scents that may arise in your home.

Types of Closet Fresheners

There are several types of closet fresheners available on the market. Some of the most common include:

  1. Air Fresheners — sprays or gels that release a pleasant scent into the air, 2) Charcoal Fresheners — bags or pouches containing activated charcoal, which naturally absorbs odors, and 3) Aromatherapy Fresheners — scented products that use essential oils or plant extracts to create a calming or invigorating atmosphere.

Features to Consider

When selecting a closet freshener, consider the following features:

  1. Odor Elimination — how effectively does the product remove odors, 2) Air Renewal — whether the freshener also helps remove pollutants and improve indoor air quality, 3) Fragrance Strength — how long-lasting and powerful is the scent, and 4) Safety — whether the product is safe for use around pets and children.

General Advice

When using a closet freshener, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results. Place the freshener in the desired location and replace it periodically to maintain a consistently fresh scent. If you have specific concerns about odor sources, such as pet odor or mold, choose a product specifically designed to address those issues. Finally, remember that a closet freshener is just one part of maintaining a clean and refreshing home. Regular cleaning and proper ventilation also play a crucial role in maintaining a pleasant indoor environment.



What is a closet freshener?

A closet freshener is a product designed to eliminate odors, freshen the air, and provide a pleasant fragrance inside a closet. These products are available in various forms such as air freshener sprays, gel packets, sachets, and deodorizing crystals. They can be an effective solution to mask and neutralize unpleasant smells caused by mold, mildew, and dampness.

Using a closet freshener regularly can help maintain a fresher and more inviting atmosphere within the space, keeping clothes and other stored items smelling fresh and clean. Some closet fresheners also offer additional benefits such as insect repellence and pest control, providing an added layer of protection against unwanted visitors.


How often should I use a closet freshener?

The frequency of using a closet freshener depends on the level of odor and humidity in the space. For an overly damp closet, it’s recommended to use a closet freshener more frequently, such as once a week or as needed. If the closet maintains a moderate and dry environment, you may be able to get away with using the freshener once a month or just after cleaning. Paying attention to any unpleasant odors and taking action promptly is important for maintaining the overall freshness of the space.

It’s also essential to consider any moisture control or ventilation measures in the closet. A well-ventilated closet can help to reduce the need for frequent freshening. Using a dehumidifier or removing extra moisture sources can help create a more conducive environment for reducing odor-causing fungi and bacteria.

Are there any specific closet fresheners for different types of smells?

While some closet fresheners claim to be all-purpose, there are still options designed to target specific types of odors. For example, some closet fresheners are designed specifically to neutralize pet odors, mildew, or tobacco smoke. It’s essential to choose a closet freshener that targets the specific smell you want to eliminate, allowing the product to work more effectively and efficiently.

If you’re unsure which type of closet freshener to use, read the product’s description and labeling carefully to determine if it’s suitable for the type of odor you want to tackle. Alternatively, you can consult a specialist or sales representative to recommend an appropriate closet freshener for your needs.


Can I make my own closet freshener?

Yes, there are some DIY closet freshener recipes you can try. Common ingredients include baking soda, activated charcoal, and essential oils. Baking soda is known for its deodorizing properties, while activated charcoal is a natural odor absorber. Essential oils can be used to add a pleasant fragrance to the mixture.

When preparing your own closet freshener, be sure to mix the ingredients properly and ensure you have enough of the mix to cover the volume of your closet. Store the homemade freshener in airtight containers away from direct sunlight and heat to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. However, be cautious when using certain oils, such as citrus oils, as they can degrade some plastics and surfaces.

What are some precautions to take when using a closet freshener?

When using a closet freshener, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the product. Keep the product away from children and pets, as some substances in the freshener can be toxic if ingested or inhaled in large amounts. Certain air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may cause allergies and respiratory issues in sensitive individuals.

If you are unsure about the safety or suitability of a closet freshener for your needs, consult with a professional or conduct research to gather more information. Be aware of potential allergies or sensitivities you may have to the ingredients in a freshener, and avoid using products that may cause discomfort or reactions.

What are some alternative ways to keep a closet smell-free?

Apart from using a closet freshener, certain practices can help maintain a fresh-smelling closet. Regularly vacuuming and dusting your closet can help prevent the buildup of dust, dirt, and debris, which can contribute to odor production. If your closet remains damp, using a dehumidifier or placing moisture-absorbing materials, such as silica gel packs, in the space can help reduce moisture levels and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi.

Additionally, ventilating the closet as much as possible can help in reducing odor buildup. Installing a quality exhaust fan or opening windows to improve air circulation can go a long way in maintaining a pleasant scent inside the closet. Proper organization within the closet can also help minimize odor-causing factors by allowing air to circulate around items and preventing the accumulation of unwanted smells.

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